Meet Julia, She is Beauty Revived


I have had the opportunity to photograph for the Beauty Revived Magazine twice.  The second time I had the privilege of choosing Julia to be my girl.  She was a senior at Roy High School and her story touched my heart.  Then, when I met her, I was completely blown away at how sweet and darling she is.  She is such a real, down to earth girl who makes the world around her even better.  She has an incredible smile and loves to help and serve others.  She played volleyball in high school and served in Student Government, which she loved because it gave her a way to serve her classmates and the community.  Julia is also a light in her family, loved by all and she always wears that beautiful smile.  One thing I love about Julia's story is that her idol is Julia Child.  She loves the movie, "Julie and Julia" and is inspired by the tenacity and grit of Julia Child.  She lives by this quote from Julia Child, "Remember, no one's more important than people - in other words, friendship is the most important thing . . . And it needs to be nurtured." That's how Julia lives, to be a friend to everyone.  Beauty Revived has given me the chance to stretch and grow but most importantly to meet people, like Julia, who change my life and my perspective, always for the good.  Thank you, Julia, for letting me get to know you and for enriching my life.