A Perfect Day


In this fast paced world that we live in, we are blessed with days that help us take a step back and realize the things that are most important.  This wedding day was such a joy to be part of.  This couple just adore each other.  They met online and fell in love across many miles.  He is from Utah. She lived in Florida.  Thanks to modern technology those miles melted away and they found themselves together.  In love, engaged and excited to get married, they set their sites on the Salt Lake temple for their special day.  Before the wedding day we had the chance to do a formal session with the first look at the Utah State Capitol building.  Talk about magical.  She came down those marble stairs to her anxious groom, teased him a bit and when he turned around, he could hardly catch his breath. (Look how many people wandered in to watch! Two bus loads of tourists all wanting to catch a glimpse!  Some even asked for photos with this happy couple!) On their wedding day, the stars were aligned and it really was a Perfect Day!   I love that I could watch it all unfold from behind my camera.  I don't think the smiles ever left their faces-the entire day.  The formal session and their wedding day were more than I could have ever hoped for as a photographer.  These two darling people have the funnest sense of humors and they had me laughing constantly.  They are happy, funny, kind and loving toward each other and I predict they will have a wonderful life together.  Congratulations to DJ and Crystel!