And Just a Little Fairy Dust

I have an obsession with cute little fairies.  The wings, the fairy dust, the fireflies, EVERYTHING!  So when I had the chance to buy some fairy actions for photoshop, I thought, "Well, why not" so I took the plunge. I used the sweetest little baby girl to try out my photoshop skills.  I'm still learning how to get these little wings just so but, Holy Cow! The magic is just so captivating.  We started off in a field of weeds, pretty weeds, I might add, and we plopped little Miss S down in the middle of them. I gave her a quart jar and threw a couple in the tall weeds next to her, and I started to click my camera.  Soon we switched out the quart jar for a glass Christmas bauble.  She kept turning to the hook side and putting it in her mouth, because that's what babies do.  She kept us laughing.  She was such a good sport, sitting in the weeds and all.  Here are some shots of just her, and some shots of her little fairy self.  I think there will be more fairies in my future, because I just love magic and fairies make magic happen!