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20161228-img_9807 Needless to say, this was one of the most fun photo sessions ever.  I have known this family for a long time.  I have watched their kids grow in to young adults.  I have been in our youth group with the girls and watched as the boys left home to serve missions for our church.  I have watched the boys come home and the oldest marry.  I watched as Taylor came into their family and fit right in.

This family loves to be together and it is very evident and you watch them interact with one another. They have secret codes that when they are said out loud, everyone knows exactly what is happening.  They love to laugh, they love to goof around, they love to sing and they love to dance.

I am so happy with the way their photos turned out.  Their color palette is gorgeous and just pops against the white of the fresh snow.  Enjoy the rest of these photos!

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