Mantua in Springtime


CC-9172 Sometimes you are blessed with great lighting and a sweet model and the outcome is near perfection.  This was one of those times.  The back story is kind of fun as well.  I was challenged to approach a complete stranger and ask that person to let me photograph him/her.  Well, last weekend as I was having dinner with my husband and some friends, I couldn't stop looking at our waitress and how cute she was.  I pulled out my business card and set it on the table.  Trying to muster the courage to ask her to model for me, I ate most of my food. Finally, just before she left our table for the last time, I asked her and was super excited that she said yes.

We met up and we went to Mantua, to Box Elder campground to begin and then out to the East side of the lake.  The lighting was a little high but we found some shaded areas and as you can see, these photos turned out pretty awesome.  In fact, I feel like I have finally arrived! Smile here!

CC-9282 CC-9343 CC-9159 CC-9275 CC-9285 CC-9329 CC-9256 CC-9186