Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Place


HB-7465 The evening was beautiful, the sky, a little hazy!  We were so excited as we drove to Lady Finger on Antelope Island.  This groom had never been to the island and I had never shot there.  The anticipation was great and then, we opened the car doors and climbed out.  I had heard about the bugs on Antelope Island but those pesky gnats started biting our heads immediately!  Not quite what I expected. My poor groom even had one fly into his ear and we couldn't get it out!  He was such a good sport, though!  We just went ahead and we got some really great shots. The colors in the rock against the green bushes is stunning. Love is great!  Hevynn and Bo were so fun to work with.  They are so in love and you can tell it in these photos.  I totally loved them and the Island and will go back again,  in spite of those pesky gnats!

HB-7686 HB-7668 HB-7646 HB-7488HB-7426 HB-7567-2 HB-7566